Friday, March 9, 2012

Cat-Proofing Your Computer ... and Other Animal Stories ...

This is how I cat-proof my computer. Miss P. had developed a love of lying on the keyboard; she  [temporarily] deleted a few programs. So now when I leave for more than an hour, I put the keyboard out of reach of curious paws.

She also did this to the bathroom wall a few weeks  ago. Missy now has a scratch pad on which to vent her cattish frustrations. Up until two years ago, I would let the chinchillas loose for some time out of the cage. They DEMOLISHED the bathroom; I had to have it re-finished. So now free time for them is never unattended! They also did some decorative nibbling on my saddle. It was one I wasn't using at the time, and I couldn't bear to look at it after they did their handiwork. They are like a miniature army, chewing and nibbling their way through everything.
But, enough of the "useless mouths", as a friend calls them ...

I think I am done with this iris. I'm not wild about the colors, but it's done.

Buddy, in his Van Gogh look.

And dear Buddy is moving along slowly.