Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween ... of course

Look ... it's the Travelocity Gnome!
Me, as the Rotten Tooth Fairy, pliers in hand
Showing off my wings

This robot turned and posed for me.

The adorable Magic Unicorn

   I fed Bruno early, and headed over to my sister Barb's new home. She lives in an area that is noted for its celebration of Halloween. I was not disappointed. Houses for several square blocks were decorated to the nines, and there were hundreds of people of all ages and manner of dress wandering the streets. I went out once with my nephew, to talk hockey, weird movies, and take photos. Then, I went out twice more with my niece, as official trick-or-treaters. I LOVE Halloween, and dressing up, but the best I mustered this year was my "Rotten Tooth Fairy" costume; I was surprised at how many people we passed who said,"Look, there's the tooth fairy"!!

A Commission

This is where I am right now.
   I'm working on a painting for a friend of mine. Mike had a hobby farm in Langley, and boarded one or two horses. The painting is of one of the boarders who became a close friend, with her horse. The photos from which I have to work are NOT painter-friendly, so we'll see what can be done.
This is the photo I am using for the pose.
This I'll use for color reference.
I was at this point a few days ago, and found the horse to have too much orange.

I am definitely at the point in a painting where I wonder what I'm doing - really an awkward stage. Let me know what you think of it , so far.