Saturday, August 17, 2013

Background ... Here I Go!

Miss K. before I started ...

This was a variegated w/w wash of aureolin and quin. burnt orange. It seems to have softened her look quite nicely.

Another varied w/w wash, using quin. burnt orange and quin. violet. 

More of the same technique, with quin. violet and alizarin crimson.

Now, I am subduing the colors a bit. I lifted in a few spots, with wet sponge and paper towel, and then did a thin wash of quin. burnt orange. The next glaze will be a very thin one of indanthrone blue.
I read an article about Rogger Oncoy in the last issue of The Art of Watercolour.  He tends to paint his backgrounds last, and said that it was at this stage that many paintings were ruined. I couldn't agree more!

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I got the blue done faster than I thought. Here she is ...