Saturday, December 17, 2011

Play Misty for Me ... Couldn't Resist That - It's Her Name

I think her muzzle looks done. The inside of the eye is good; the outer aspect needs more shading. Then I'll get to her mane and forelock, and finally the bridle.

You MUST Pardon My Moment of Self-Congradulation ...

Misty started to come alive here ...

I did a quick, thin mask outline, and then painted some w/w washes.
The mask is mostly off, and I must admit I am REALLY pleased with the result [and that doesn't happen often!]
I was dancing around the kitchen, singing "Shit, I'm good". True confessions ...
Now, the edges need some cleaning up, more shading and detail work, and of course the bridle. But first, I am going out to play with the slightly-neglected Bruno.