Thursday, August 8, 2013

She Is Starting to Look Like a Cocker Spaniel ... a Process

FINALLY started Krystie. I had been procrastinating because she is not an easy subject, and I wanted to do a super job.
 I masked, and put down two w/w washes - a greyed blue, using indanthrone blue, and a purple, made up of quin. burnt orange, quin. violet and indanthrone. Then I started the ears, using the same three pigments. I painted w/w, trying from the very beginning to create some sense of the wavy hair. 

I did the upper torso, neck and part of the head, then removed the masking, and stroked in some quin. burnt orange for her tan patches.  The eyes I did w/w, with several glazes, and used some alizarin crimson on the inner canthus and lower lid.

More w/w everywhere, and some direct painting to suggest the hair texture.

I honestly didn't think I would get this far. Painting all the texture of the hair was quite a job, but I think it looks credible. The eyes appear a bit off to me right now, but when the shadows are done, I think they will be fine. Spaniels have heavy upper lids, so there is a lot of shadowing. More glazing to be done, but I feel I am on the right track.

Thank you very much for dropping by, and your comments are always welcome!