Sunday, March 6, 2016

CATS ... Continued ...

At the owner's request, I really darkened the entire face and eyes. So this one is done.

Started one of the Persians - an all-over wet-in-wet wash of quin. burnt orange with a touch of pink. While still wet, I dropped in some thicker paint of the same color.

Masked some highlights in the eyes, then wet the area and dropped in some aureolin, with dabs of quin. gold and cobalt blue.

I did the iris, and added some roundness to it by lining the outer edge and then softening with a damp brush. Then I lined the eye with a dark reddish brown, and did some dry brushwork in the darker areas of the face. This one still needs work, and I think adding pink to the orange wasn't a great idea - I'll do the rest of the fur with a more neutral orange.

This stage was one of those times when you look at a painting and wonder what you are doing, and even why you paint. I had wet the entire grey area of the face, dropped in some thin color [mix of aureolin, pink and cobalt blue] and then added some dashes of thicker paint where she has spots and streaks. 

Once I started the eyes, she came alive. I did a thin w/w application of cobalt blue, then dropped in some blue-grey [the cobalt plus aureolin and pink]. I let that dry then wet the eye again, and added the pupil. In the photo, she was in shadow, and the pupil was softer, not as hard-edged.

I repeated the same procedure on the eyes, then removed the bits of masking. For her markings, I mixed orange, violet and indanthrone to make a very dark brown, and then applied the color with a dry brush technique. I really like how she looks so far!

Here are the three models.

Thank you for dropping by!!!