Thursday, October 10, 2013

Can't Work on Just One Painting ... or ... Another Seasonal Watercolor

I've masked, and done a w/w wash of phthalo blue with quin. violet. I am  trying to start with brighter colors - they can be dulled and darkened later.
The paper is 13 x 9 inches, Arches 300 lb. CP.

More masking of background tree boughs, and more dark blue ...

Here, I've removed the mask, and started on the lamp post.  I have dry-brushed along the length of the post to give the impression of snow, and done some of the leaf-style detailing at the top. The glow of the light I have done w/w with aureolin and quin. siena.
I've always loved The Chronicles of Narnia series of books. One of my favorite scenes is this lamp post near Mr. Tumnus' home. I have tried to give the lamp post an organic, tree-ish look, and will try to get more mystery and depth the background forest.

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Another "Seasonal" Work in Progress ... Snowberries

I've masked the foreground image. I use quin. siena, aureolin and phthalo green in a w/w wash, dropping on the pigment.  Then I put on some saran wrap to get a pattern.  You can vaguely see some of the pattern under the later green washes of phthalo blue, quin. gold and quin. siena.
The painting is on Arches 300 lb. CP, and the size is 9 x 9 inches.

I've done a lot of darkening washes with quin. siena mixed with phthalo blue.

Now  starting the leaves ...

The snowberry is a bush that grows wild here in wooded areas. In September, it puts out small white puffball-type berries the size of the end of your thumb. They are very striking against the rich, dark green foliage.

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