Monday, May 13, 2013

The Long, Tall Zebras Are Done

I left these this morning as the black stripes were making my eyes wonky. I went into town to visit my aunt, and when I got home, the urge came on me to finish them. There may be the odd touch-up [you know me :)] but essentially the wild shoe painting is done!

As always, your comments are most welcome! 

It Might Just Turn Out ...

I've worked the shadows using a "dab and blend" technique because of the roughness of the paper.

Next, I've done a thin glaze of the pattern I want. In the original, it was leopard-like spots, but I didn't think that was a good idea considering the state of the surface.

I think there is hope for this!!! The zebra stripes are striking, and are going on well.  I have to leave it for now, as I am going cross-eyed painting the stripes. :)  As always, your comments are most welcome!