Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Certainly NOT Shy about Color

 Blocked in all the petals with aureolin.

Painting the centers of the stands.

More work on the inside.

Painted the beards and added more delicate shadowing on petals on left.

I am here.
I think the petal colors are fairly finished. Now, I'll remove the masking and paint the water drops.

As always, your comments are MOST welcome!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Is Why I LOVE Watercolor ... and Dressage, for that Matter ...

I was here last night.

I've been blocking in the shadows on the iris wet-in-wet, with quin. pink and cobalt blue.

I truly love the spontaneity and fluidity and grace of  a w/w application.
And a horse ridden well, in harmony with the rider, is equally beautiful - the elegance, grace and power ...

Back to the painting. If I can maintain this ease and looseness, I'm in heaven. I thought I would lift some of the background to create the appearance of leaves. And I will do some color swatches to get just the right color for the iris.
As ever and always, please be welcome to leave any comments!

Monday, February 27, 2012

OK ... I Am Blaming the Chinchillas for This One!

This was getting a bit wild-looking for me.
The chinchillas pooh-poohed it!

The leaves were looking wubbly, and in using the hair-dryer, I  forced some staining green onto what was to be a pale yellow petal.

So, guess what ... I started again! What a fool for punishment!!!
I've done graded washes of aureolin, quin. pink and quin. burnt orange.

More graded washes - quin. pink and cobalt blue, and a bit of indanthrone blue.

It looked too flat and tame, so I placed the painting upright, and drizzled pink and blue on it, wet/wet. 

I may have gone too far - it's a little too strong for what I imagine Jos would like, but I like it!
I've started on the petals, again w/w with thin applications of quin. pink and cobalt blue, and let them mix on the paper.I may not be able to do the iris as pale yellow. Perhaps a yellow with thin coppery drizzles [hmmm ... the word of the day] on the stands; those are what the upright petals are called.
And I am slowly getting on with Buddy, too.
I have also been delegated the dog trainer for Shayna, the latest member of our extended family. She is young, full of piss and vinegar, and too much of a handful for Pat [my landlady]. She was almost taken back to the shelter. She has a week's reprieve, during which time I will work on her attention and manners. Wish us luck!!!

As ever and always, please feel welcome to leave comments or questions - love them!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yes ... I'm Curious, Too!!!

I left off here ...

I decided to go bold and purple.

I'm doing a lot of w/w washes, not using masking.

Now I am here. I think the next step will be to do some w/w with aureolin on the leaves, before moving into the greens.

I actually did a color swatch. The left is  quin. violet + aureolin + phthalo green. The right is quin. violet + aureolin + phthalo +  indanthrone blue.

I really don't quite know what the finished colors will look like - part of the intrigue of watercolor. The woman for whom I am painting this [ a very sweet dentist with whom I occasionally work] loves her blues, violets and greys. I'm hoping she doesn't find the yellow iris too jarring.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Was Hoping to Be Able to Procrastinate on This ...

Masked water drops.
Shadows in green/grey and warmer brown/grey.

Starting to paint local color.

More local color.
This iris is such a fragile yellow. I was hoping to put off painting the background till later, but I think I must do it now to get an idea of the intensity of hue of the flower.

Reference photo. Isn't it gorgeous???

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eurythmy with Geese

Eurythmy by Ferdinand Hodler

My version   Eurythmy with Geese

I don't know why, but this painting by Ferdinand Hodler has always appealed to me.  He was a late 19th c. - early 20th c. Swiss painter.  I believe he was presenting his interpretation of a therapeutic movement, called eurythmy,  that arose in the early 20th c.  I think it started as a type of expressive dance, and has evolved from there to include even the physical movements of painting as a therapy.  It is still utilized in performance art/dance, education, and movement therapy. But the geese just use it to get around!
After the last post, I worked on their feathers, and did another w/w application of blue around their feet, this time using indanthrone blue, to darken and subdue.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Since It's Windy Enough to Blow Me Right Out of the Saddle ...

Two foreground geese masked.

Start w/w washes.

More washes, and loose shadows.
With background geese, I tried lifting while wash was wet. It worked quite well.

Mask off.

Starting on their heads,  necks and feet.

More detail painting on heads and feathers.

More detail to heads.  And I added some more colorful and intense shadows directly under their bodies, and on their backsides.
OK, Jane and Pat, I REALLY like this one! Even though I am very critical of my work, I am thrilled with how the geese turned out. There is still a bit of painting to be done on their bodies and on the feathers, and some shadowing to go on their feet, but essentially it is all here.
As ever and always, all comments and questions are MOST welcome!!!

Reinstatement of the "B" Word ... or ...I'm Back for More

I am here. I really like this background better - much more depth and interest.

I did a trial run to see how the head would look with this background, using the "Buddy 5.0" version!
MUCH better!!! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Am NOT Mentioning the "B" Word ... but the Geese Are Coming Nicely

I left us here ...

Intensified the streaky background ...

Removed the masking ...

And am starting the geese.

The vertical streaks of color seem to compliment the long necks of the geese; it's  interesting without being overwhelming. The geese are fun to work on - they've almost started to develop personalities for me [OR maybe I've been looking at them too long  :) ]
I'll have to leave them for 2 days - long hours over a hot mouth [dental office work] I had a call out of the blue yesterday, asking if I could work today in another office. Knowing the dentist and her somewhat difficult personality, their hygienist probably quit, but I shouldn't think negatively. It's a job, and money to pay for my vices -  horses and painting.
By the way, Bruno has been a superstar lately, listening so well and performing so beautifully. I am thrilled with him!  :)  :)  :) 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor ... Chinchillin

These are the chins, and they are "chinchillin'"

OK, bad joke, but it's late, and I'm tired.

That is Fat Bastard on the left, with Baby snuggled on the right.

The geese of Chu Lin are waddling on ...

And I am going for Buddy the VII.
This was the one on which I was working, but somehow it was looking too smooth, too even, not "real".

I decided a different format would bring more focus to his left eye.
Also, more texture in the background was an improvement.  

So here I am, on B VII ...

As ever and always, your comments are most welcome!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Can't Believe I've Been Working on a Sketch of Geese for the Last Two Hours

All evening, I have been playing with composition, format, and then refining the sketch. I think this will do. It will probably be about 9 x 14 inches when finished. I'm keen to start as I have some interesting ideas I'd like to try for the background.
I also spent 2 hours in the rain this afternoon, removing the old electric wire from His Highness's paddock, then trimming any interfering branches, and finally re-wiring the entire area. It seems to be working, as His Nibs was making his dragon-breathing sounds when I went out to feed him dinner. I don't like electric fencing, but I like even less the damage horses can do if left to their own devices.
That's it for tonight. I'm working in the office tomorrow, and quite looking forward to the change.