Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Am NOT Mentioning the "B" Word ... but the Geese Are Coming Nicely

I left us here ...

Intensified the streaky background ...

Removed the masking ...

And am starting the geese.

The vertical streaks of color seem to compliment the long necks of the geese; it's  interesting without being overwhelming. The geese are fun to work on - they've almost started to develop personalities for me [OR maybe I've been looking at them too long  :) ]
I'll have to leave them for 2 days - long hours over a hot mouth [dental office work] I had a call out of the blue yesterday, asking if I could work today in another office. Knowing the dentist and her somewhat difficult personality, their hygienist probably quit, but I shouldn't think negatively. It's a job, and money to pay for my vices -  horses and painting.
By the way, Bruno has been a superstar lately, listening so well and performing so beautifully. I am thrilled with him!  :)  :)  :) 


  1. Very lovely and beautiful these geese. Love the colors and the background.
    Lovely greet

  2. Bruno sounds like a real champ! And yes I think those geese are beginning to develop a personality! I found the same as I painted my bears! :0)

  3. I agree with you that the geese are coming on very well, it must be such fun to create this. The background is genius...so perfect for these long necked creatures. xoxo

  4. Hi, Kath,
    Thank you for sharing the precious process all the time. Interesting. Take it easy. Very happy to know Bruno is ok.

  5. The geese are getting more and more perfect- but we thought they already were perfect!
    Yes, they have personalitys for sure.
    The goose in the middle is the boss- right?
    We love the streaks-- you are awsome the way that you do it! I showed my mama, and she loves it!

  6. Kathryn, ..the geese are coming along (B)eautifully!!! I love the vertical lines in the background! This one's going to be a winner!

  7. Love how these geese are progressing.
    Would the B word be a dentistry "Bridge" ? :lol:

  8. I've never tried masking. I have the masking material on hand,but every time I think I should use it,I back out. The label reads hazardous to leave on for a long period without telling you how long that period is. You obviously have mastered the process. The geese are beginning to look quite elegant with their long graceful necks.

  9. hey gunk! i missed alot! love the chins....so so cute! you are such a wonderful person. i love animals so much as well. everything your working on is just wonderful and good for bruno! love seeing the geese develop...gorgeous!

  10. Hey those geese are coming along great. I love the way you have singled two of them out from the crowd. Interesting planning.
    I have read that you can draw in your detail with pencil, spray with a fixative, then put on the friskit. Then you do not lose your drawing when you remove the fixative. Have you tried that? I keep wondering if it will affect how the paper receives the watercolor.

  11. Hi Kathryn - its so fascinating to see your paintings develop and come to life. Your watercolors are lovely - I keep going back to look at the last several posts. YOu really do lovely, lovely work!