Monday, July 21, 2014

When in Doubt, Paint a Flower ... or ... Look, Ma - No Masking Fluid ...

I've started off with some quin. violet and indanthrone for the shadows on the petals, with a touch of pink in a few spots. The leaves are phthalo green - blue shade - and quin. gold.

Intensifying the violets ...

I want to get the dark background painted to allow me to see how dark I will go with the subtle shadows of the petals of the flower. I am using a mixture of phthalo green [BS] and quin. violet. The background is all being done without using masking fluid.

Here, I am doing another w/w application to the background and the leaves in shadow, again using the green and violet, and adding quin. burnt orange. I think the background will need one or two more glazes to get the depth of darkness I want.

Last week was gloriously sunny and hot - the low 30's, which is very warm for the west coast of Canada. Did NOT feel like painting at all - spent most of my time outside with Bruno and the girls. Today is much cooler - very comfortable, so I will play with this painting, and hopefully get some drawings done of a beautiful little red-headed girl. I visited one of my sisters on the weekend, and was captivated by her neighbor's daughter - she has the most exquisite coloring. I'd like to be able to do her coloring justice in a painting.

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