Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pups in Progress ... or ... One Out of Two ...

I've done more with puggy - strengthening color intensities, and working on the eye ... 

... laying down a road-map of her dark colors, and starting the butterfly.

I LOVE the eye in this, but ...
I think the overall proportions are wrong. She seems to need more space above and in front of her face. She does have a thick neck [I believe there must be some labrador in her] but it looks wrong here. And I am not overly fond of the background colors. I used alizarin crimson instead of my usual quin. violet and it looks too bright. A duller, darker background would be an improvement.

It was a typical Vancouver-type winter day yesterday - rained hard all day. So other than running a few errands [delivering froggy Christmas cards, grocery shopping, library ...] I painted all day. Sometimes when I get into a long period of painting like that, I lose some focus. It looks like that happened to Roxie. I am going to have to change her neck somehow, and paint her in a different format. If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know!

Thank you for dropping by, and your comments are most welcome!