Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just a Lovely, Quiet Summer Day at the Farm ... Well ... Mostly ...

Bruno, enjoying a quiet munch while I clean and re-fill his water bucket.  We had "issues" today, understandably, as he had 2 days off. Thursday we had a lesson, and I got my trainer to ride him so she could feel what we are going through. They both had a bit of a workout, but Rhonda won out [she's a pro - rides several horses a day, as well as training other horses and riders]. The issue is getting the lad to start becoming more flexible through his poll, neck and body - just generally more flexible. Because of his background, he has never had to do this, and it's difficult for him, but also necessary. You just cannot have a riding horse that is not flexible - it's asking for rough unpleasant, and possibly dangerous, rides for both horse and rider. So I think this will be our project for the next few months. He rebelled a bit this morning when I was lunging him. As a result, I am icing some rope burns on my right hand, but aside from that we were good. [Note to self - WEAR GLOVES WHEN LUNGING] He understands, just is not 100% convinced that it is something he wants to do. He's stubborn and tests me, and I wouldn't have him and other way!!
I took this photo to show the nest right over the tack room door.

I stretched up to take some photos inside. Just after I took this shot, a baby came zipping out of the nest. It's FLIGHT DAY!!! They are all over the barn, with mom and dad watching, as they learn to fly. It is so beautiful to see, and to hear them chattering to each other. 

Here's Maggie, out by the vegetable garden.

Scruffy and Bruno, as I clean and re-fill the Big Guy's water bucket.

I managed to get a few shots of one of the babies, as he/she was resting from his exertions.

And another one ...

I have some plans for paintings this week, but it's just too darn beautiful outside.

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