Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Most Humble Start to "Cidade de Deus"

Dratted blogger keeps placing this painting at the top, and I have tried to place it at the bottom 5 times. Suppose I'll leave it here. This is a painting I did in one of my few art classes,  more than ten years ago. Probably a bit ambitious, but ignorance is truly bliss!
I think it's about the same size as the Rio favela painting-to-be. It is based on a photo I took of my sister, when we were in Venice, again many years ago. I had it framed for Denise, and she likes it, but somehow it never made it to the wall of her home. She always wants to wait till she's finished renovating and decorating and ...  So I most happily have it hanging at my place! :) I love it - one of my favorite paintings.
After getting the sketch organized, I painted a thin glaze of indanthrone blue over the shadowed areas, and left it ... for a long time.

Then I got motivated to do a thin wash of aureolin on the sunlit areas, and once again, left it to sit ...

Finally, today, I have started putting down some local color.

This will definitely need MUCH, MUCH more work.
It is quite large - 21.5 x 13 inches, much bigger than anything I have worked on for a while. But I had done  another large painting in the past, also a city/landscape of my sister in Venice.
So, I guess I'd better get back to work ...

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