Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh ... This and That ...


   I've been working on a portrait for the past few days - a recently-departed friend. I have to call him that, as he was a dog with a deep soul. Buddy was my landlady's dog for over eleven years; she got him as a rescue dog [ he'd been found, wandering around local barns ] He had a very good, long life here, and he deserves all that I can put into his portrait.

  Some LOOSER, more passionate paintings are my goal over the next few months, so I was out this evening getting some landscape shots with good value contrast.

Stump mounting block, at one of the park entrances

Some great contrast here, on the path

You're right, it's not a value study, but the ladybug was so cute

Old early 20th c. schoolhouse

Old barn, with yours truly's shadow in the shot

A trio of cool trees