Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh ... This and That ...


   I've been working on a portrait for the past few days - a recently-departed friend. I have to call him that, as he was a dog with a deep soul. Buddy was my landlady's dog for over eleven years; she got him as a rescue dog [ he'd been found, wandering around local barns ] He had a very good, long life here, and he deserves all that I can put into his portrait.

  Some LOOSER, more passionate paintings are my goal over the next few months, so I was out this evening getting some landscape shots with good value contrast.

Stump mounting block, at one of the park entrances

Some great contrast here, on the path

You're right, it's not a value study, but the ladybug was so cute

Old early 20th c. schoolhouse

Old barn, with yours truly's shadow in the shot

A trio of cool trees


  1. Good luck with the portrait - I am sure you will put heart and soul in it xx

  2. Funnily, I didn't spot the little ladybug until you mentioned it!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the progression of 'buddy', a wonderful start!

  3. Nice start on the dog. Anxious to see your loose landscapes too!

  4. Kathryn this is going to be a beautiful portrait! I already see so much of his soul in this drawing. :) And wow talk about some great, inspiring shots!! I can't wait to see that lady bug one.

  5. Enjoyed your photography, the vibrant colors and wonderful contrasts.

    This will be a lovely tribute to Buddy. Looking forward to seeing the next steps.

  6. Hi, thanks for your comments on my blog. You have some lovely photos and some of your horse paintings are very nice, It is clear you know them well, which is important because a photo tells lies. I notice you use grids a lot in your work, I would suggest putting them aside if you want a more expressive, looser feel to your art, a grid can really suck the life out if you rely on them too much and you can forget to train your eye which is damaging. If you want to check things in the early stages you could get a piece of card and cut a 5x7" square and thread a grid of cotton through ( 1" squares) just to hold up now and again and check problem areas.. You have a beautiful place to work from life! Have you tried it? it would make all the difference if you can manage it. I would strongly advice doing what you can from life and then using a photo as reference (only if you really have to). It doesn't have to be ‘’perfect’’ or ‘’neat’’ but what you get from life will make up for the ''accuracy'' you lose from not having a photo. I look forward to seeing it. Fortune favours the brave :D