Monday, June 9, 2014

A MOO-ving Experience ... or ... a Short Morning Visit to the Dairy Farm

This is one of the younger calves - just a few days old.

These are a bit older. They are kept in such clean, well-maintained stalls - I was impressed.

Up close and personal - I think this is a shot of the calf licking my camera.

Another close-up. You can see just a bit of her tongue at the center bottom. She was licking my hand. 

This one is a couple of weeks old - getting solid food [grain] and lots of beautiful green hay.

Can you touch the top of your nose with your tongue???

This is another part of the barn, where the adult cows live. This particular cow is a Jersey/Holstein cross. I had no idea, but the Jersey is not the preferred breed of dairy cow - somewhat grumpy and aggressive, compared to the Holstein.

Here are some of the Holstein girls outside.

The gate to the field has been opened, and they are heading off for a day of pasture. You can just catch a bit of the beautiful rolling countryside of Langley.

Tara, on the left, and Mackenzie - they both work part-time at the farm.
A few days ago, a horsey friend of mine [Tara] posted some photos of calves on the farm where she works, and asked if I would like to come and take some photos. OK, that was like waving a red flag at a bull. I could hardly wait!!! So this morning, I was over there by 9:00 AM, camera at the ready. What a wonderful visit! All the animals are so very well cared for, the farm is immaculate, all the workers love the cattle, and the farmer is a sweetheart. I had a great time, and was welcomed to visit again - if I get there around 7:30,  they'll teach me how to milk cows. OH ... HEAVEN!!!
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