Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yesterday Was OOPS Day ... with a Vengeance!

Here I was, humming along, looking cute ...
Disaster struck! For Pat's liking, the geese did not stand out well.
I sent out a plea for ideas, and got three reasonable ideas - none of which I followed [to my chagrin]. Thank you very much Audrey Montoya [great watercolorist - check out her blog], Annie Bennett [lovely and eclectic blog] and of course Crystal Cook, who always answers a call for help and advice on painting and selling paintings. I really appreciate your ideas!!! 

But no, I did it my way ...

I am making the most of a bad painting, and am using it to try out different strategies. I am doing the same initial graded washes, but keeping the painting warm - the geese and grasses will be variations of yellows, golds and browns. Here's hoping it works!!!
As for Bruno and riding, same story - I was just not thinking yesterday.

As always, your comments are most welcome!!!