Monday, April 23, 2012

So Far, So Good ...

I've started on the goose. And for the background, I put in a wet, thin wash of aureolin, and then drizzled thin strips of a green mixture with vertical strokes to suggest grass.

This photo, and the ones below, are some references I'd like to use for the Vancouver scene. It's of the Burrard Street Bridge,  one of three bridges connecting Vancouver south with the downtown core. For me, the view of the water, the mountains and the old bridge give a strong sense of the city. I like the softening effect of the fog.

Slightly different angle, and I LOVE that old ship in front.

I'd like to get the colors of sunset in the painting.

Another angle. I like the feel this photo creates of looking up at the massiveness of the bridge.

Vancouver really is beautiful - over-developed, but beautiful.