Monday, March 16, 2015

Feeling Like a Chicken with It's Head Cut Off or Maybe More Like a Pithed Frog

I am not overly fond of this pose, so I am using it a test piece for trying out different ways of applying paint to darken. Who knows? ... it may turn out well. 

Like this one better, so I am going more slowly.  

I did 2 demos on Saturday in class. This is the wet application of the three primaries, followed by spattering, using indanthrone blue and quin. gold.

At home, I did another spatter, using more saturated paint. I got a wee bit carried away with the spattering, but I like the effect. So this is definitely a technique to keep for future paintings.

The second class demo was a poured watercolor. I used the image I did earlier of the two dogs heading toward the Golden Gate bridge.

At home, I did a 2nd and 3rd pouring. It looks quite dark, but I'll reserve judgment till I remove all the masking.

I really like this view of the two bums - the farrier and the horse. I am re-working the original drawing, correcting perspective and shadowing, and will paint it, and varnish it on a 10 x 14 inch cradled frame.

The geese of the Eurhythmy persuasion are also getting a re-vamp. I like the original, except for that horrific puddle of ultramarine blue at the bottom. Whatever possessed me to do that, I will never know!

And here is why my life is different and busier right now. Here's my aunt - I have her set up comfortably outside, bundled up, reading a good book. She is staying here for a while till my sisters and I get her medical issue straightened out. The doctors think she has kidney stones. It's apparently a very painful condition, so the medication she has to take is very strong - leaves her dizzy, loopy, just really out of it. My place is good for her - as there are no stairs, she loves being out in the countryside, and she has Dr. Maggie to provide TLC [and me, too]. So I am doing nursing duty this week.  I am not used to having another person living with me, so am feeling [how can I describe it] not like myself.
So that is life at Kathryn's country spa.

Thank you very much for dropping by!