Monday, March 16, 2015

Feeling Like a Chicken with It's Head Cut Off or Maybe More Like a Pithed Frog

I am not overly fond of this pose, so I am using it a test piece for trying out different ways of applying paint to darken. Who knows? ... it may turn out well. 

Like this one better, so I am going more slowly.  

I did 2 demos on Saturday in class. This is the wet application of the three primaries, followed by spattering, using indanthrone blue and quin. gold.

At home, I did another spatter, using more saturated paint. I got a wee bit carried away with the spattering, but I like the effect. So this is definitely a technique to keep for future paintings.

The second class demo was a poured watercolor. I used the image I did earlier of the two dogs heading toward the Golden Gate bridge.

At home, I did a 2nd and 3rd pouring. It looks quite dark, but I'll reserve judgment till I remove all the masking.

I really like this view of the two bums - the farrier and the horse. I am re-working the original drawing, correcting perspective and shadowing, and will paint it, and varnish it on a 10 x 14 inch cradled frame.

The geese of the Eurhythmy persuasion are also getting a re-vamp. I like the original, except for that horrific puddle of ultramarine blue at the bottom. Whatever possessed me to do that, I will never know!

And here is why my life is different and busier right now. Here's my aunt - I have her set up comfortably outside, bundled up, reading a good book. She is staying here for a while till my sisters and I get her medical issue straightened out. The doctors think she has kidney stones. It's apparently a very painful condition, so the medication she has to take is very strong - leaves her dizzy, loopy, just really out of it. My place is good for her - as there are no stairs, she loves being out in the countryside, and she has Dr. Maggie to provide TLC [and me, too]. So I am doing nursing duty this week.  I am not used to having another person living with me, so am feeling [how can I describe it] not like myself.
So that is life at Kathryn's country spa.

Thank you very much for dropping by!


  1. Wow , it seems like you have your hands full! Would love to see how the pouring evolves.Horse is magnificent as always; and I loved the 'two bums' drawing - really interesting view! As for your aunt,you could always paint her, couldn't you? I certainly would like to :)

  2. I think your place looks like paradise,,, especially because your happy,,,, and know how to paint..
    and your 4 footed roomie mates are terrific too..

    and your paintings,,, just magic

  3. How cute the two bums are! We're sending lots of positive vibes for your aunt.

  4. How sweet, your aunt has such a wonderful place to stay. Does she paint at all?

  5. I LOVE both poses on the horse, Kathryn!! Looking forward to seeing them finished!! Your splatter work on the tree is coming along beautifully! As far as your Aunt..."ouch" Hope she feels better soon!!!

  6. I love the splattering, and the different greens in it! All the best with all your ideas and painting! And of course all the best with your aunt, kidney stones seem to be very paintful.

  7. Enjoyed your paintings and the storie about them. I follow them all! How kind of you and your sister to help your auntie. I understand that it must feel different from the usual days alone.