Thursday, March 1, 2012

Country Moments

Just a neat, backlit tree. The dogs liked it, too.  

Abby, the black, and Shayna, the new kid.

Small stream running through the woods.

The sun was shining, and it was almost warm - quite a change from yesterday, when we were out slogging in the snow.

I think the iris is done.

I wanted to get a lot done outside today, as I'm working the next two days, and it was SUNNY! So Bruno and I played for a while; he is definitely becoming more "interesting" when ridden. I think I'll have to call my trainer in for some help. He is so tough on his right rein [manageable] and his left side [not so manageable]. I would not want to be on him somewhere, with a ditch on one side, and Himself totally disregarding my leg, and heading into the ditch!
I did some painting. The iris is done, and I will take it to work on Saturday to show Joscelyn.
Then Pat and I took the doggers out for a hoof in the nearby park. The newest addition, Shayna, is settling down as much as a young dog could be said to settle down. She comes when called. I taught her to "sit". And she is so loving and sweet-natured, Pat and her husband both love her. We ran into a neighbor while in the woods. He had three of the family dogs with him. John stopped to chat [he was jogging], and told us some stories about their dogs that made Shayna sound like an absolute angel in comparison. So all is good in this part of the countryside.
I almost forgot to mention - I am on "chick lib" duty for the next three days. My neighbor down the street called to ask if I could let her flock out in the morning. All I have to do is unlatch the door, and get out of the way of sixty birds in a big hurry to get out!! This should be interesting!!!
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Hedgie's Nature Journal: Rhino horn myth
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