Thursday, March 1, 2012

Country Moments

Just a neat, backlit tree. The dogs liked it, too.  

Abby, the black, and Shayna, the new kid.

Small stream running through the woods.

The sun was shining, and it was almost warm - quite a change from yesterday, when we were out slogging in the snow.

I think the iris is done.

I wanted to get a lot done outside today, as I'm working the next two days, and it was SUNNY! So Bruno and I played for a while; he is definitely becoming more "interesting" when ridden. I think I'll have to call my trainer in for some help. He is so tough on his right rein [manageable] and his left side [not so manageable]. I would not want to be on him somewhere, with a ditch on one side, and Himself totally disregarding my leg, and heading into the ditch!
I did some painting. The iris is done, and I will take it to work on Saturday to show Joscelyn.
Then Pat and I took the doggers out for a hoof in the nearby park. The newest addition, Shayna, is settling down as much as a young dog could be said to settle down. She comes when called. I taught her to "sit". And she is so loving and sweet-natured, Pat and her husband both love her. We ran into a neighbor while in the woods. He had three of the family dogs with him. John stopped to chat [he was jogging], and told us some stories about their dogs that made Shayna sound like an absolute angel in comparison. So all is good in this part of the countryside.
I almost forgot to mention - I am on "chick lib" duty for the next three days. My neighbor down the street called to ask if I could let her flock out in the morning. All I have to do is unlatch the door, and get out of the way of sixty birds in a big hurry to get out!! This should be interesting!!!
As ever, I love to hear from you, so please be welcome to leave your comments.


  1. Enjoyed seeing the photos from your neck of the woods, Kathryn. Just love the rich colors of the moss and ferns. Possible reference for your next painting? :-D Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi,Kathryn,
    The lovely photos and the sensitive painting! Thank you for sharing them all. Have a wonderful weekend. Just relax yourself!!

  3. These photos remind me of the sights I saw in Scotland. Beautiful, huge, mossy tree trunks and the smell of wet woodland. Beautiful :0)

  4. I can picture all these screaming hen running out ...so funny! Your pictures of the wood are wonderful, can almost smell the moist soil And remember Kathryn, if dogs are getting out of hand there still is the 'dog-whisperer'...sssst :-) Do you know that program?
    I think I already told you that your Iris is a show stopper!
    Have yourself a good weekend with a lot of riding. XOXO

  5. It's so good to have some time to catch up on your blog - I love seeing your paintings evolve. And Shayna looks such a great dog - how is she with the birds?

  6. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us, Kathryn!! Your Iris is gorgeous!! You finished it beautifully!!! and I'm so happy that Shayna is okay now..Sometimes it takes awhile until a young dog settles down....

  7. Your world is so beautiful!
    And so is the Iris! Wow!

  8. We live in such an amazing part of the world! Your farm looks fantastic. I would love to meander with you and my camera someday. The iris is beautiful.

  9. Lovely iris, Kathryn! and I love where you live... a wonderful place, a dream for me!

  10. It turned out beautiful. You are really getting some great colours in you flower and in your background. Lovely!!