Wednesday, April 11, 2012

YAY!!! Buddy Is Going to the Framer Today

I did a bit of touching up. I darkened the entire ear, as I found it stood out too much. I put in a bit more shading on his muzzle and eyebrows. I touched up a few spots on the perimeter of Buddy's image. And of course put on my signature.

Some close-up shots. I really am proud of his eyes. Buddy always did so intently speak to you with his eyes.

Well, it's done! What an effort. I so much wanted to capture the soul of Buddy. He was such a cool dog - a rescue, who just eased his way totally into all our lives. I will take him into White Rock to my favorite framers after I've played with Bruno this morning.
 Then I will start working on some ideas for a Vancouver cityscape. I must admit I found it difficult to find something about the city that I still found I loved, and that reminded me of the old Vancouver. It's changed so unbelievably much in the past ten to fifteen years. Right now, I'm thinking of doing something with the Burrard Bridge with the mountains [of course] in the background.

As ever, your comments are always welcome!