Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Wet and Blustery Day in Lala Land

This is Bruno, two days ago, after an earlier ride, and then a blissful roll in the mud. I had spent an hour grooming him before I rode - he is shedding like mad right now. So I gave him a quick brush before I put his blankie on for the night. It's been very wet and blustery for 2 days now, so no riding. I'll have to push myself outside to take him for a walk.

This is one of my favorite paintings by Nil Catalano. We followed each other's work for some time. He was truly an inspiration to me, and I am sure, to many others. I received an email yesterday, telling me of his passing. He will be missed greatly.

I have done a bit more work on Spotty. Just now wondering about putting in a ground - maybe a dry-brush effect, dragged along under his hooves???

Had to share this photo of Tuffy doing his moose imitation. He would do it on cue - hang his head outside his stall, and bob it up and down sideways, with his tongue hanging out. YES, horses do have a sense of humor!!! :) 

I have started another dried hydrangea. The first one was OK, but I'd like to paint another, with more "oomph".

I also have another hen on the board to paint. This, too, I'd like to paint so she really stands out.

I will probably use this breed of chicken as reference for color. It's called a Swedish Flower chicken, because of the varied pattern of its feathers. It is also a "heritage" breed, and has been brought back from a state of almost-extinction. I think it's an extremely attractive bird. I wonder how Bruno would get along with a few chickens???

Other than that, I am happily reading Ken Follet's 2nd book in his "Century" trilogy. Also reading a book on climate change [scary and depressing], Neil Turok's book, "The Universe Within" - a not-too-technical book about scientific discovery over the past tree hundred years, and a fascinating book about uranium - sort of a political, social, economic and environmental history. Yes, my painting habit of working on several at the same time extends to my reading habits. Thank goodness, I have only one horse.

As always, your comments are most welcome!