Thursday, May 24, 2012


Day light, before last wash

Day, after wash. I masked only the eye.

Studio light before

Studio light, after wash.

I think it's all right for a first attempt. Now I'd like to try this technique with a variety of subjects.

As always, your comments are most welcome. And if you absolutely cannot live without it, it is for sale. :)

Another Note to Self ...

I couldn't figure out why the shadows were making Paulina look like a bearded lady. The mixture was too grainy. So I did a small w/w with the colors I was using - cobalt blue, quin. pink and raw sienna. I think the raw sienna was granulating a bit, especially combined with the blue. When I tried yellow ochre, it seemed better. So, wipe and do the shadows again.

I'm working on details, and deepening shadows on the head. Then I will do another "wash and lift" to soften.

This is for Sandy. I put a hummer feeder outside the window where my computer sits, hoping to get a photo. I hear him humming - literally - get up to the camera that I have poised ready on the window sill, and he's GONE! How do you get your hummer photos, Sandy?