Monday, March 26, 2012

The Weather Is Conducive to Painting ... or ... When Will the Decent Riding Weather Arrive????

It is SO close, I can taste it!
No ... I have not been eating pigment ... yet!

Close up - it is almost hair by hair now.


Stage 1 of haunted house.

I painted the shaded side of the house with a similar mauve, with a bit more blue.

First washes are on roof and chimney.

First w/w wash is on the foreground.

As of now, I have accentuated the faces and some of the surrounding trunk.  I also placed a w/w wash of indanthrone blue in the background, as well as a w/w wash on the right side of the trunk.

I must admit I am going a bit squirrelly with lack of riding, and I'm sure His Nibs is, too. I didn't see it [I was at work] but apparently he went completely ballistic on Friday, charging around in his paddock and even rearing. Let's just hope he doesn't decide rearing is a fun thing to do under saddle, too!!!

As ever, I welcome your comments!