Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Defense of a Friend and Mentor and a Darn Good Artist

   Most of you appreciate the fact that I am a perfectionist in some things, my art being one of them, the others being my horse, and the quality of my care in my profession. I admit my car looks like it lost a fight with a load of hay, and my house is almost always ready for Halloween, with dust and cobwebs. But they aren't that important to me.
   The only way to really improve A LOT is to work like the devil under the guidance of a more experienced practitioner. Anne Zoutsos is my mentor in animal portraiture.
Not the best model for a portrait.

We created this painting of Cindy.
   I first "met" Anne when working on a difficult portrait [above] for a friend.  I loved Anne's wit and humor, and most importantly that she was totally frank with her painting opinions. I ask for it - I get it! I have seen my work improve very noticeably from the several "sessions" we have conducted over the ether.
   Perhaps I seemed to be griping - only in jest. And the nickname I gave Anne is from the original 1930's Flash Gordon movies. [No, I'm not that old.] If you watch them, you'll understand the joke. 
   I can only say I am very fortunate to have Anne as a mentor and a "far-away" friend. And if you want to give your eyes a thrill, I strongly recommend you visit her site.

It's a Good Day for Ducks Out There ...

I love this older painting. As I slogged out to feed Bruno before work, I thought ... it IS a good day for ducks.