Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Eureka Moment ...

Touched up shadows on foreground sheep

Sandy, I lightened shadows on left, and pumped up a few at the centre. I thank you for your input!

As I was coming up from the barn, after feeding the lad,  I caught the toe of my gum-boot, and went flying. It must have jolted some of my little grey cells, because I realized what I have been struggling to figure out for the past few months. Like all artists, I have been trying to find my voice, my style, who I am as a painter. I've been scrambling, trying different techniques and styles. And it hit me ... well, I hit the ground, and then it hit me. I am a perfectionist, always have been, probably always will be. And I love detail and intricacy. Even in riding, I fell into dressage - the systematic training of horse [and rider] to increasingly more refined movement. 
I am happy and content with that revelation. While I will take occasional, temporary diversions from my customary style, and deeply admire the looseness [yes, THAT again] of some painters,  I will be at reasonable peace with my art.