Monday, February 27, 2012

OK ... I Am Blaming the Chinchillas for This One!

This was getting a bit wild-looking for me.
The chinchillas pooh-poohed it!

The leaves were looking wubbly, and in using the hair-dryer, I  forced some staining green onto what was to be a pale yellow petal.

So, guess what ... I started again! What a fool for punishment!!!
I've done graded washes of aureolin, quin. pink and quin. burnt orange.

More graded washes - quin. pink and cobalt blue, and a bit of indanthrone blue.

It looked too flat and tame, so I placed the painting upright, and drizzled pink and blue on it, wet/wet. 

I may have gone too far - it's a little too strong for what I imagine Jos would like, but I like it!
I've started on the petals, again w/w with thin applications of quin. pink and cobalt blue, and let them mix on the paper.I may not be able to do the iris as pale yellow. Perhaps a yellow with thin coppery drizzles [hmmm ... the word of the day] on the stands; those are what the upright petals are called.
And I am slowly getting on with Buddy, too.
I have also been delegated the dog trainer for Shayna, the latest member of our extended family. She is young, full of piss and vinegar, and too much of a handful for Pat [my landlady]. She was almost taken back to the shelter. She has a week's reprieve, during which time I will work on her attention and manners. Wish us luck!!!

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