Monday, February 27, 2012

OK ... I Am Blaming the Chinchillas for This One!

This was getting a bit wild-looking for me.
The chinchillas pooh-poohed it!

The leaves were looking wubbly, and in using the hair-dryer, I  forced some staining green onto what was to be a pale yellow petal.

So, guess what ... I started again! What a fool for punishment!!!
I've done graded washes of aureolin, quin. pink and quin. burnt orange.

More graded washes - quin. pink and cobalt blue, and a bit of indanthrone blue.

It looked too flat and tame, so I placed the painting upright, and drizzled pink and blue on it, wet/wet. 

I may have gone too far - it's a little too strong for what I imagine Jos would like, but I like it!
I've started on the petals, again w/w with thin applications of quin. pink and cobalt blue, and let them mix on the paper.I may not be able to do the iris as pale yellow. Perhaps a yellow with thin coppery drizzles [hmmm ... the word of the day] on the stands; those are what the upright petals are called.
And I am slowly getting on with Buddy, too.
I have also been delegated the dog trainer for Shayna, the latest member of our extended family. She is young, full of piss and vinegar, and too much of a handful for Pat [my landlady]. She was almost taken back to the shelter. She has a week's reprieve, during which time I will work on her attention and manners. Wish us luck!!!

As ever and always, please feel welcome to leave comments or questions - love them!


  1. Will you finish the first one Kathryn, just to see what you can learn from it?
    The second is lovely too, but for different reasons :)

    Good luck with training the shelter girl, do you have a plan?

  2. Kathryn you are unbelievable....lol, and I tell you, it is always with great curiosity I come to your blog to see what you have been up to :-) I hope you will succeed to paint the second one the way you want it, but didn't you try to lift the green little color of the first flower?? Something bold and unusual might come out from that one. HUGS!!

  3. Hi, Kath,
    Thank you for sharing the precious process. Please stop being harsh on yourself. Whatever the "achievements" would be, let us celebrate them all and have fun. And joy must come first.
    Best wishes,Sadami

  4. I dont think the background is "too much"! I like it. The finished piece will be surely nice, but whats more important is that you enjoy painting it. Its amazing you can take care of animals so well. Guess its a quality someone is born with, and cannot be acquired so easily.
    Best wishes,

  5. Good luck with the pup. You will have your hands full for a few days.