Sunday, February 21, 2016

Color Studies for Some Cats, a Second Run at the Seiner and a Class Quickie Demo

I started with the eyes - a  small w/w application of quin. gold, quin. burnt orange and cobalt blue.  The markings were done with a mix of quin. rose and quin. burnt orange.

I did a dry brush application of black [quin. rose, q.b.o. and indanthrone] for the dark markings, let it dry the did a w/w application of a grey mix [aureolin, rose and cobalt blue] for the rest of the coat.

I darkened the pink-orange areas and then ...

... dry-brushed the black markings again, added some detail to her nose, and glazed her eyes with cobalt blue.

This second cat is coming along much more slowly. I think it's all that expanse of black that is putting me off. I started the eyes with quin. gold and quin. burnt orange, and used some of that pink-orange from the other cat for some of the light markings.

Some pupils and a touch of cobalt blue for the eyes, ...

... and a w/w wash of black. She is a Scottish fold with, I think, some Persian, so no nose and tiny ears - not a lot of facial landmarks with which to work.

I wanted to try the seiner again - lighter this time.  This has had  a wash of aureolin, followed by a gradated wash of quin. rose, then one of phthalo blue. I am stalled, trying to figure out how I would like to represent the waves.

Started teaching another class yesterday. This was one of the demos.  I borrowed the idea from Thomas Schaller [love his work], as it was an elegant image, brought to life by the w/w application of colors. I definitely paint differently when teaching - faster, looser, always standing - and it shows in the work. I'll have to try painting like this more at home. On my own, I sit, and am very slow and methodical - sometimes good, not always.

On the horsey front, I haven't ridden for 3 weeks. I miss it, and Bruno does, too. But between being tossed off, and then the weather becoming very wet and turning the ring to a sodden mess, we haven't been able to do anything. Today is drier, I'm feeling much stronger, so off to the barn I go!!!

Thank you for dropping by!