Sunday, February 21, 2016

Color Studies for Some Cats, a Second Run at the Seiner and a Class Quickie Demo

I started with the eyes - a  small w/w application of quin. gold, quin. burnt orange and cobalt blue.  The markings were done with a mix of quin. rose and quin. burnt orange.

I did a dry brush application of black [quin. rose, q.b.o. and indanthrone] for the dark markings, let it dry the did a w/w application of a grey mix [aureolin, rose and cobalt blue] for the rest of the coat.

I darkened the pink-orange areas and then ...

... dry-brushed the black markings again, added some detail to her nose, and glazed her eyes with cobalt blue.

This second cat is coming along much more slowly. I think it's all that expanse of black that is putting me off. I started the eyes with quin. gold and quin. burnt orange, and used some of that pink-orange from the other cat for some of the light markings.

Some pupils and a touch of cobalt blue for the eyes, ...

... and a w/w wash of black. She is a Scottish fold with, I think, some Persian, so no nose and tiny ears - not a lot of facial landmarks with which to work.

I wanted to try the seiner again - lighter this time.  This has had  a wash of aureolin, followed by a gradated wash of quin. rose, then one of phthalo blue. I am stalled, trying to figure out how I would like to represent the waves.

Started teaching another class yesterday. This was one of the demos.  I borrowed the idea from Thomas Schaller [love his work], as it was an elegant image, brought to life by the w/w application of colors. I definitely paint differently when teaching - faster, looser, always standing - and it shows in the work. I'll have to try painting like this more at home. On my own, I sit, and am very slow and methodical - sometimes good, not always.

On the horsey front, I haven't ridden for 3 weeks. I miss it, and Bruno does, too. But between being tossed off, and then the weather becoming very wet and turning the ring to a sodden mess, we haven't been able to do anything. Today is drier, I'm feeling much stronger, so off to the barn I go!!!

Thank you for dropping by!   


  1. Love all of these - loose and beautiful :) Maybe you should pretend you're in front of the class when you paint alone? The cats are lovely - and I'm looking forward to just a little bit more on the grey/black kittie and she'll be done.

  2. Ah Kathryn these kitty faces are really coming together so well. I think the one that is a Scottish Fold would be a challenge. They have such a different look. I see like me you start with the eyes first. Seems like if they are right everything else falls into place. Love your class demo. There is something about standing up to paint. It certainly looks good in your last piece. So sorry that you and Bruno haven't been out. I hope it dries up soon and you are all healed up so you two can have a wonderful ride. Take care and have a great week.

  3. I see we are on the same page . Was painting my first cat today ( not finished yet ) , and I found it quite difficult as the cat is almost totally white , so there are little facial landmarks here too. Looking forward to seeing your final result :)) xx

  4. have a good time in the barn and hopefully get a ride in and not tossed off from a restless horse

    scottish fold cats are so cute, and you cats are looking good :)

  5. Thanks for sharing.Allways a pleasure to see.

  6. It is always so interesting to see the steps, the cats look great! I like the demo! I always stand while painting, while there is a very comfortable chair next to me. I think I like the distance, I don't know. I hope you and Bruno had a good ride!

  7. You're doing such a great job on these cats Kathryn... I really look forward to seeing them finished...
    I hope you're doing well..💕

  8. It's good that teaching others is helping you too... These cats are adorable!!

  9. I have to laugh at looking at the process for your kitties! Its like watching the Cheshire Cat appear in Alice in Wonderland - a magical experience!
    Hope you were not hurt when you were thrown off Bruno - and I hope its like riding a bike - just dust yourself off and hop back on. I think that is what Bruno wants as well!

  10. Love seeing whatever you're working on materialize and take shape. Wonderful work as always. Good luck with teaching!! Sorry you got tossed!! Hope you're okay and the weather turns nicer so you and Bruno can party!

    Thank you my friend for your kind words on Plum Line. Much appreciated!

  11. oh how fun to watch those kittys!
    When the timing is right,, you will be back on Bruno.
    Life,, is all about timing,. sometimes timing takes awhile