Friday, June 26, 2015

Everything BUT Painting ... well .... almost ...

It was my lovely niece's high school graduation yesterday. Here she is with my aunt, opening a gift.

Yes, that's me, and I did get out of my usual barn gear when I went to the ceremony.

Here's Paulina with her mom.

Even her brother came out from Ottawa to attend. And Paulina just gave him this haircut! 

Some hibiscus from Steph's garden

These will be painted, and that's my only reference to painting.

I had to take pics of this cool antique car, parked outside the Orpheum Theatre downtown, where the grad ceremony was held.

And life on the farm continues. The baby swallows had their first flying lessons yesterday. 

Some were not as brave ...

... as others. These two managed about 15 feet before they landed.

That's all for now. Thank you so much for dropping by!