Monday, June 11, 2012

A Bit of Catching Up ...

The GRAD, and the dad

Julian and Paulina, my aunt [best art critic and mentor] just behind 

I tried to take Jules' photo as he was coming up the aisle. My sister or niece called his name, he turned, and got my flash in his eyes. He looks like he is a graduate of Zombie High!

I left the rhodo here a few days ago.

If you look REALLY  closely, you might see the colors I've added in the petals, and the shadows in the leaves.  My plan is to do one more wash on all of the background and into some of the leaves, and then take a good long look to see what else may need touching up.  

I had a quick ride on Bruno early yesterday morning, then showered, and dressed up. I zipped into Vancouver to my sister's home, and then all of us drove downtown to see Julian's graduation ceremony. It was actually quite a wonderful experience, even just watching - all those great young people, hearing about their dreams and plans. I was really uplifted by the ceremony.