Monday, April 2, 2012

Just What You Always Wanted ... MORE Geese

Working sketch

Ditto for 2nd goose

Some value sketches

Masked, and two separate washes done. First wash was  aureolin. pink and cobalt blue. Second wash was a spattering in  a pre-wet area of burnt sienna and umber. I thought I'd try some granulation for texture. This painting has already hit the shower once, because I tried doing the granulating wash first - OOPS. I'll probably start the goose before deciding what, if anything, to add to the background.  

And this one also went for a swim to remove the first wash. I have cryptic notes on the sketch about the washes I'm considering - aureolin from upper left, quin. gold from left, pink from top, quin. burnt orange from bottom, and either cobalt blue or ultramarine from right and lower right.

For some reason, I am finding myself feeling pressured to push myself, to improve in my painting. It may be partly because I have much less time to paint right now. One of the dentists with whom I work fractured her left radius, and is of course unable to work. As her practice consists mostly of hygiene patients, I am filling in for her. I think that's only part of the reason. I'm just finding the creative part of my brain full of ideas and what-if's. So, we shall see ...

As always, I love your comments - always welcome!