Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Process on Fabriano Paper

Reference - one of my landlady's gorgeous roses

Sketch I did while working at the gallery on Sunday. It was a very slow day.

Yesterday's efforts ...
I picked up some Fabriano paper a few weeks ago. It is quite different from my usual Arches - undecided as to a preference.  I always soak and staple paper, and I found it to be very soft, much more like cloth than paper. It seems to take longer to dry, but that could be because the weather is much cooler.  That is better for working W/W, especially as the paper does not allow the pigment to explode across the page; it needs a bit more encouragement to move, and that characteristic can work either way for you in a painting.
My colors for the petals are aureolin and quin. rose,  and for the leaves quin. gold, phthalo green [yellow shade], phthalo blue and quin. burnt orange. The stem is alizarin crimson and quin. burnt orange.

This is as far as I got this morning.  And this is definitely NOT going to be a "quickie"!  I find I am doing a lot of glazing. Another asset of the Fabriano is that you can more easily lift lines in the damp wash, and they stay lifted.
That's all for now. Bruno has started neighing for attention!

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