Monday, September 22, 2014

Meet Leslie Redhead

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine emailed me to ask if I would like to be involved in the blog hop. I was thrilled, as Leslie has been a very good friend for me in the art world. She is always there to answer questions and give advice. And she even adjudicated my work for full active membership in the Federation of Canadian Artists. She is a full-time artist and art instructor, living in Vancouver with her husband and two teenagers, and the infamous Twilight. I have met her wonderful family, and even had Twilight stay with me over Christmas holidays recently.
I find Leslie's work to be beautiful, rich and vibrant. She is an inspiration to me, as well as a friend and mentor. Leslie has given me some information to post, as well as her brilliant painting of a milkweed pod. It is one of my favorites as well. I must admit, though, that I first fell in love with her poured watercolors. She is a master of this technique, so I am going to include a few of my favorites of her work in this genre.

Willie's Bakery

Bridge to Ronda

The Harmony Gate

The Matisse

Strands of Silk

Leslie was born in Murray, UT and was raised in Maryland where she was exposed to all the wonderful art that the museums of Washington, DC had to offer. Her degree is in Zoology because she planned on doing scientific illustration. However, after a move to Boston and the birth of two children, she began painting and teaching more in watercolor. Eight years ago her family moved to Canada which is where Leslie's husband is from. Leslie's paintings are in private and corporate collections worldwide. She recently graduated with a Master of Education in Art from the University of Victoria and has signatures with Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS), Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC), and the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA). Leslie continues to teach and conducts workshops in Canada, the U.S., and Spain. Her work is featured in Splash 10: Passionate Brushstrokes from the Splash: Best of Watercolor series, Leslie Redhead: the life of an artist, and Making It! Case Studies of Successful Canadian Artists.

Leslie currently resides in Vancouver, BC with her husband, two children, and dog. She is represented by Madrona Gallery in Victoria, BC. More of Leslie’s work can be seen at http://www.leslieredhead.com and http://leslieredheadart.blogspot.com

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed Leslie's work as much as I do!