Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Think I Must Dip into the Yellow ...

It seems I'm on an iris roll, and this shape was irresistible,

 ... as was this color.

I blocked in shadows with on orange/pink mix [both staining colors].

Then I started some w/w on the petals with aureolin and orange.

I put in a thin orange wash over the background.

Then, I painted w/w, with darker, denser pigments, and allowed the paint to flow.
The background has shown the iris to be a bit washed out, so this is where I will have to go in again with yellow, and probably orange.

Yesterday ... and It Really Did Feel Like All My Troubles Were So Far Away ...

Shayna and Lucy ready to set out.

Cool tree growth.

Pat and Les Girls heading over a still-snowy bridge.

Another cool tree formation.

Look up ... way up!

It was so clear and bright. 

Another beauty of a tree.

It was a glorious and energizing day. I had my sister's Boxers for the day, so we joined Pat and her 2 girls, and went out into the park for almost 2 hours. When we got home, I decided to play with the lad, too. He is finally catching on to the concept of inside leg aides - very important for all types of riding. I even managed to get some painting done.