Sunday, March 30, 2014


WHY does the cat insist on drinking water from the toilet and puddles outside??? She has fresh, clean water in her bowl daily.

Froggie - after several glazes with a plaster gesso, and an initial glaze of shriek yellow.

Owl - glazed with a red/yellow/blue mixture of acrylic.

Basset hound - first glaze

Mr. Przewalski 

and Awesome Possum

The paper mache figures have been much more work than I anticipated - fun, learning process, but a lot of work. They were all glazed several times, and sanded between glazes, with a home-made gesso consisting of plaster of Paris, white glue, water and vinegar. And now they have had a base- coat glaze with a heavy-body acrylic thinned with water. Next, the real painting begins. Here's hoping they look better when finished!!!

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