Sunday, March 30, 2014


WHY does the cat insist on drinking water from the toilet and puddles outside??? She has fresh, clean water in her bowl daily.

Froggie - after several glazes with a plaster gesso, and an initial glaze of shriek yellow.

Owl - glazed with a red/yellow/blue mixture of acrylic.

Basset hound - first glaze

Mr. Przewalski 

and Awesome Possum

The paper mache figures have been much more work than I anticipated - fun, learning process, but a lot of work. They were all glazed several times, and sanded between glazes, with a home-made gesso consisting of plaster of Paris, white glue, water and vinegar. And now they have had a base- coat glaze with a heavy-body acrylic thinned with water. Next, the real painting begins. Here's hoping they look better when finished!!!

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  1. Oh I love these paper machè figures , all really great, but my love goes to froggie :-)) And cats are just mysterious creatures, I always close the lid to the toilet :-)) xx

  2. My cat, Romeo, has fresh and clean water all the time as well and he is fascinated by the toilet. As such I have to keep the lid down at all times. I think they like the idea of the running water when it flushes. :)

  3. Your paper mache cache of animals is beginning to come to life - very exciting! About the cat - I have no idea!

  4. The paper mache's are soo beautiful Kat!!!
    And your kitty is silly- that's why she does it!

  5. You'll soon have a real zoo :))
    My cat does not have access to the toilet, but he likes to drink goldfish water in the pond (for the moment the fishes survive)

  6. LOVE the kitty, Kathryn...and of course, I favor the froggie!!

  7. Your paper mache animals are sooooo cute! I love your new blog design too!

  8. The cat made me chuckle! For a moment I thought perhaps he was trained to use the loo!!
    Your creatures are so gorgeous! What a fun post - and I love the new look of your blog too :0)