Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Don't Be a Pussy"

I left off here, with a road map for shadows.

It seems I will be getting into some colorful shadows with this "white" rhododendron. I keep muttering my mantra ... don't be a pussy... don't be a pussy.  I tend to be a bit timid with my glazing. 

I've started the foreground leaves to give me some idea of how intense I can go with the shadows of the blooms.

Studio light

Outdoor light
After ... I am also being less timid with Paulina. I lifted all the old shadow as best I could, made up a more appropriate color, and put it on w/w. I've also started getting some of the really dark ares of her hair.

I suppose we all do it; we become a bit complacent about everyday things. I've noticed the past few weeks, Bruno is getting uncomfortably feisty, almost aggressive, as I go into the ring. And last weekend, when my aunt was visiting, he tried to get between us, and knock her over when we were out in the field looking at the killdeer. There was an old broom not too far away, so I ran to get it, and came back to protect my aunt. He was more respectful, with me carrying the broom [though I did not raise it against him]. And yesterday after work, he was just plain dangerous, galloping around me, half rearing, and pointing his prodigious back-side in my direction. First, don't panic. Second, amble to tack room and get out whip. Amazing difference. Some respect. Anyway, just a short story of complacency. In painting, too, I notice I am going beyond my safe zones [ not just being nitpickingly perfectionistic ] trying different techniques, colors, etc. OK, I am rambling.

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