Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching Up ...

It's a wet, cool, windy day, so we are ALL inside ...

I have the Boxer Girls staying with me again, till Friday. This is Lucy, zonked out on her pouffe.

Younger sister, Desi. One or the other of the two always decides to pine for their mom, and fast for a few days. This time it's Desi. She's been following me around, with her stomach making loud rumbly noises, but she WON'T eat.

Andy is getting some touching up. I had made him much too young-looking, soft and pale, so I'm doing thin softened glazes to rectify that.

I've also started two other paintings - a portrait ...

and a study of the baby swallow.

I touched up the bridge, playing with it all weekend. I'd like my #1 critic to see it. She should be here for a visit on Wednesday.

Everyone is a critic! This gorgeous emerald-green moth decided to take up temporary residence on the painting. I carefully caught him/her and let her go outside.

I've been trying out a trial of the Adobe Photoshop Elements for editing paintings. I find the program a bit complicated, but then, it's all new to me. And it's definitely more than I need in an editing program, but there isn't much choice if you have a Mac. So I'll just keep playing with it.

As always, your comments are most welcome.