Monday, May 7, 2012

Life Is GOOD

Bruno having a munch on the lower end of the yard, after a ride.

Gorgeous weather. Fruit trees in bloom.


After. I did paint in a "ground" then the rest of the background looked really off. So I darkened a bit in the fall of leaves, and brought the grass green up higher, so the front of the goose would show more. These colors are off - still don't have photoshop. Otherwise I think The Mad Conductor is done.

I did a quick sketch of this last night.

This morning, I got it on wc. paper, and started a soft background w/w wash with aureolin, quin. gold and phthalo green.

This is a very rough color sketch I've done of the Burrard Bridge.

This is a more detailed sketch I've done for the painting. I'm doing a smaller one - about 10 x 17 in. - if and before I move to a larger format.

This is another sketch, from a very old photo, when the bridge was just completed in the mid-1930's. I like the more thrusting angle of this sketch. I may do both.

I finally have some time to myself for the next few days. The Boxer Girls were picked up by my sister on Saturday. We went for a 2 hour walk, then sat and had tea, and chatted. I love the two dogs, but they are very needy. My sister has no children and these are her surrogates. They usually stop eating, or eat very little when Denise is away. Mind you, at home they are very picky, too, and she hand-feeds them. Um ... NO!
Bruno and I have had some very good rides. He is g r a d u a l l y becoming more supple. As for me, I can feel my "riding muscles" starting to come back ... the core muscles, and the ones that enable you to crack walnuts with your thighs!! KIDDING! But sometimes it feels like it.
I'm back to work on Wednesday, and Friday and Saturday. I'm not sure how the dentist's arm is doing; it might be another two to three weeks of really working for a living. And I'll probably surprise myself, and find I'm missing the work when it's cut back again.
or not! :)