Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well ... It's Going to Be Interesting ...

Palette - aureolin, new gamboge, quin. burnt siena, alizarin crimson, phthalo green [y.s.]

Sketch traced onto wc. paper

Wet swath of aureolin with bit of new gamboge

Quin. bt. siena w/w

Thin wash of phthalo blue in flower and bud shadow.
Greens are mixes of aureolin, phthalo green and quin. bt. orange
Not finished

Beautiful Tunis sheep photo, courtesy of Jennifer MacNeil-Taylor
Thank you, Jen! 

Two sketches I did a few days ago.

Palette - aureolin, quin. coral, cobalt blue for sheep coats
                                             - quin. bt. orange, quin. coral and indanthrone blue for darker colors 

Wet wash of cobalt blue, leaving only foreground sheep white

Various warm and cool grey mixes to shape the heads

Same mixes to give texture to the fleece
For more intense colors and shadows, I used indanthrone blue instead of cobalt blue

LOVE the owl ... too bad I couldn't do a  credible start for a painting

I did a rough sketch directly onto wc. paper, and started playing with some neutral beiges and greys

I got to this point, and saw that my niece at the age of five could do a better owl, so I'll try again.

So far, I have learned HOW tight a painter I am - good or bad, that's me. I hope to be able to loosen up over the next while, playing with these "exercises". I found, painting the sheep, that I did go into more of an intuitive mode at times. Perhaps that's why it turned out alright. Anyway, there is a lot more painting, exploring and learning to be done.
As always, your comments are so very welcome!!!