Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Getting Better ...

Maggie and her new best friend, Flossie, enjoying the squeaky toys my landlady bought for them today.

Maggie, posing by the pool.
Maggie is a Mexican rescue that I rescued from being euthanized last weekend. The clinic that brought her here despaired of finding the right home for her. I think mine is it :) 

Bruno, off on the other side of the pond, having a munch - what else???

Don't know if I'll bother doing more here. It's not making me gasp with visual pleasure as it is, and I have others I would rather do.

This is from two years ago or so. I decided to re-work it. 

The purples and violets of the background are not quite like this - more greyed. But overall, I think I made some improvements by lifting some leaves and intensifying the shadows of the petals. Perhaps a bit more lifting yet.

I am starting to feel more like myself - dizziness gone, mood swings less acute and less frequent - emotionally stronger.  I had been seriously out of it for the past 6 weeks, coming off anti-depressants. I have found large doses of vitamin D help, as well as meditating and being more focussed. Finally I think I can approach that Rio painting with more confidence, and start some paintings with more definitive planning and fore-thought. Here's hoping ...

Thank you for dropping by!