Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It Only Took a Month ... but It Felt Like SIX!

I can't believe it's been only a month since I started this. It truly feels so much longer. This was Aug. 22.

Today, I finished all the small details on the tack, and played a bit - very carefully - with the background. Then I sent an image of the painting to the buyer for her final approval, and got back "gorgeous". I am thrilled! Always, whenever I work on a piece, it looks worse to me the longer I work on it. There must be some sort of "law of art", like the laws of physics, to explain the phenomenon - the inverse art appreciation law???

I had an accident at work last Thursday. I was taking an x-ray, moving at full tilt, and caught my toe on a water-line. All of us at the office have done it, but I was traveling with such impulsion that I went straight into the edge of two walls. I split my scalp and bashed my thumb [thankfully left hand] into the wall. So that was it for work. I went to a nearby doctor's office, and he glued my scalp back together with "New Skin", very much like "crazy glue". I tottered off home, somewhat stunned and shaken. Then went for an x-ray of my thumb - nothing conclusive. But that's not too important, as you treat most fractures of fingers and toes very much like a sprain - ibuprofen and ice and immobility. I made myself a splint to wear at night, and I do not ride Bruno [though I have been lungeing him, and doing work on hand as he gets bored and cheeky very quickly when not being worked]. I am so lucky, and glad it was not my right hand!!!

Thank you for dropping by!!