Thursday, May 10, 2018


The view from the site where we were banding hummers.

My neighbour holding one of the birds.

Putting on a very soft restraint.


Preparing a band for the hummingbird, wrapped up on the table below. The bands are very tiny, and applied with what look to be orthodontic pliers.

Colouration of tail feathers is one of the ways to identify sex, and adult versus juvenile bird. C. is showing me the differences.

Using a straw to blow on its neck and belly, to see the skin under the feathers and look for fat deposits [a good thing - indicates enough food] and the presence of parasites.

Last weekend, one of my good neighbours asked if I'd like to watch and help with some hummingbird banding. Both she and her husband are ecologists with Environment Canada. Of course I went!

The banding is done to monitor the health of the bird population. Various measurements are taken - weight, presence of fat deposits, length of beak and wing - as well as collection any urine or feces [the size of a raspberry seed]. These measurements are all used to analyze the birds' well-being, especially with respect to insecticides and anti-fungals that are sprayed on some of the fields growing fruit. All in all, a fascinating morning!!!

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I tried several different ideas for a background for the truck, and finally decided to put it in front of an old gas station that , once upon a time, was situated in Langley, just off Glover Road. When trying to google map it, I found it had been torn down, so I had to resort to looking for reference photos on the net.

I did a free-hand sketch, traced it behind the car, and ... voila!

Finished the gas station, then decided the truck needed a bit more oomph.  I darkened the tires and undercarriage, glazed over the green of the body, and I do believe it's done. I think I'll have this matted, and show it in a glassine pouch for a show I am in  next month.

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