Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Tale of the Tabby or Another Painting Process ...


First washes - light grey for fur, aureolin with phthalo blue and burnt orange for eyes 

Adding texture to fur

Several washes, and many teeny strokes of dilute color ...

More of the same ... and shadowing her eyes

Adding part of the body

Intensifying and detailing

Here she is so far. My plan is to get all eight cats to this level of completion, then line them all up and decide on a unifying background for all of them. So far, I have three done ...
The colors I use with this cat for the eye are aureolin, phthalo blue and burnt orange, with the shadow made of burnt orange, scarlet lake and indanthrone. Her fur, both greys and blacks are made with burnt orange, scarlet lake and indanthrone. The initial stages are a wet-in-wet technique, followed by one heck of a lot tiny brush strokes [a somewhat meditative exercise]. 

Such a sweet-looking girl.

Another photo I am using to get a better idea of her striping.

The next two cats, both blacks, are waiting on the board. One will be getting a phthalo blue under wash, the other a red.
The cat saga continues ...

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