Monday, January 2, 2012

Success ... and Not So Much ...

My nit-picking is done. "Full Bloom" is finished, and I like it.

Reference photo from Pat's garden

Working sketch

First, a graded wash of aureolin

I then masked the rose, and probably did about 10 washes of quin. burnt orange mixed with phthalo green [blue shade]

W/w wash on orange part of rose, using aureolin and Holbein brilliant orange [quite a cool orange]

Fro the rose, more of the same, plus quin. siena [warmer]
The leaves and stem are mixes of aureolin, quin. burnt orange and phthalo green [yellow]

All hues painted in, and starting shadows

This is as far as I will take this. I am not thrilled with the colors of the rose, and I think the background is too heavy-looking. [doing my own critiques, too]

I finally found a decent video on painting loosely alla prima. I find Cembranelli's videos not too helpful, in that I have no idea what colors he uses, nor exactly what he is doing with them. This one, by an East Indian artist, was very good in those regards.
As ever, all your comments are most welcome!